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The Eternal God Revealed

On reading through the Book of the Psalms, one cannot but be impressed with the many expressions of the appreciation of God as JEHOVAH, the timeless, ever existing One, who has revealed Himself to mankind in no uncertain way. Three ...


A God Of Sovereign Majesty

In our meditations on the Psalms this month we concentrate on the Sovereign Majesty of God. This is a subject which defies full description in a logical way because we as mortals can appreciate so little of the character of ...


The Caring Provider (Psalms 65,107,147)

God's caring provision for His people is seen from the early chapters of Genesis, epitomized in chapter 22 when the heavy hearted Abraham told his young son, who was about to be sacrificed on the altar of obedience, that "God ...


The Riches Of God's Word (Ps. 119)

The phrase "according unto Thy Word" occurs eleven times in Psalm 119 (RV). It emphasizes the firm basis on which the believer who trusts God stands. Every promise stands or falls because of the character of the one who makes ...


A Profile Of The Godly Man (Ps. 119)

This psalm gives us great encouragement Because the psalmist was, like ourselves, a man very conscious of failure. Yet he was a godly man. Some think the writer was Daniel. A godly man is not perfect in the sense of ...


A Pilgrim Nation(psalms 77, 78, 105, 106)

Psalms (Heb. Tehillim) means "Praises". The four psalms under consideration are a praising of the Lord for His wondrous works, wonders of old, judgements of His mouth and everlasting mercy. These sacred songs reveal the Lord in history, teaching and ...


In The Promised Land

Under the leadership of the faithful warrior Joshua, Israel entered and began to subdue the land promised to them by God. This was the culmination of a series of events overruled by the mighty hand of God going back to ...


God's Protection And Deliverance

God is "a God of deliverances" (Psalm 68:20), and many of His servants have proved this by experience. Daniel's three companions are typical. With godly boldness they answered Nebuchadnezzar "our God whom we serve is able ...


God's Chosen Rejected

Peter writes about the Lord Jesus Christ that He was "rejected by men, but choice and precious in the sight of God ... the stone which the builders rejected, this became the very corner stone" (1 Pet. 2:4,7). What a ...


The Anguish Of The Crucified (Psalms 22 And 69)

These two Psalms are ascribed to David and this is confirmed in the case of Psalm 69 by Romans 11:9. They contain unmistakable references to the sufferings of Christ on the Cross, and direct quotations from both Psalms are found ...


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