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Love Of The Brethren

God so loved It may be but a textual coincidence that in the writings of the disciple whom Jesus loved two such verses should occur as John 3:16 and its counterpart, 1 John 3:16, with which we are perhaps less ...


Witnessing For Christ

If you have been cleansed by the blood of Christ then you are under deep obligation to the One who so wrought for you. The account of the leper who was cleansed, to whom Jesus said, "Go... shew thyself ... ...


The Teaching Of F.a. Banks And "Needed Truth"

In 1888 a tract entitled "The Church and Churches of God" (1) appeared, written by F.A. Banks, a young man who was deeply taught in the Word. This tract was destined to affect profoundly the thoughts of many as to ...


Movement In The North-west

On January 2nd, 1893, a letter by four signatories was circulated amongst Christians in Birkenhead. They wrote that, "ever since the commencement (some seven years ago) of a testimony unto the Name of the Lord in this neighbourhood some of ...


The Movement In Scotland

It was to be expected that the separation from sectarianism, which culminated in the establishment of churches of God, in 1893 and in following years should result in criticism of those involved. In Scotland, as early as 1884, there were ...


The Movement In And Around London

It is evident, both from correspondence which passed at the time and from the earliest volumes of Needed Truth, that the divine movement of seventy years ago which is under review owed much to brethren in the London area and ...


The Movement In Ireland

Mr. W. J. Lennox, author of an excellent treatise, "The House of God" [1], was one of the prime movers seventy years ago among those who separated from "Open Brethren" in Northern Ireland. With Mr. John Thompson and others, he ...


The Movement In The Midlands

On the last day (a Lord's day) of the year 1893 a statement was read to a company of Christians in Leicester, informing them that a "widespread separation had taken place among the assemblies" with which they had been connected. ...


The Movement In South Wales

The church of God in Barry possesses what must surely be a unique file of correspondence relating to the time of the separation. More than two years before the establishment of the Testimony, and the recognition of the truth relating ...


The Movement In Yorkshire

It is evident from the documents available, that the separation from other believers, which took place among children of God in Yorkshire, because of the truth, was not undertaken lightly. Early in 1891 a special meeting of brethren "prominent as ...


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