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Well-pleasing Unto God

John the Baptist had a remarkable experience when he baptized the Lord Jesus. In accordance with the promise of God he saw the Spirit of God as a dove descending upon Him, when a voice came out of the heavens ...


A Church Of God

In the third chapter of 1 Corinthians Paul gives three descriptions of a church of God. After referring to the labours of Apollos and himself as planting and watering he then goes on to say in verse 9, "Ye are ...


A Man Full Of The Spirit

Many children of God today are deeply concerned at the lack of divine power in their lives. This concern sometimes leads to frustration and causes them to desire a sensational experience that will assure them that they are filled with ...


"Like A Weaned Child"

(Psalm 131.2) Sin expresses itself in various forms, yet all these find their root in the assertion of another will against the divine will. Scripture reveals that there are degrees of sin with proportionate consequences. The Lord Jesus Christ said ...


The Spirit's Work In The Days Of Moses

There is an important difference in the work of the Spirit of God in the days of the patriarchs and those of Moses. In the days of the patriarchs the divine purposes were centred in one family, whereas in the ...


The Fear Of The Lord

"Dost thou not even fear God?" was a challenging question to the robber on the cross as he approached the gates of death. This challenge might well be repeated to men who manifest by word and action the truth of ...


Hagar, Sarai's Handmaid (Genesis 16 And 21).

The application of the teaching of Holy Scripture affords instruction in regard to our personal lives, to the end that we might know divine guidance and help in all circumstances. Like the glistening jewel that sparkles with various colours, Scripture ...


"The Songs Of Ascents"

(Psalms 120-134) A short introduction to these Psalms may be helpful. Whilst we have no certain knowledge as to the precise period when all these psalms were written, or as to the authors of all, yet the evident progress of ...


"The Songs Of Ascents"

Many believers in Christ are concerned very much today at the lack of unity in Christendom. Even the Pope shows concern by calling for 1960 an Ecumenical Council to discuss ways and means of uniting professed Christians. It is ...


"The Songs Of Ascents"

PSALM 127 Is it not naturally a desirable thing that, having built the House, the builders should petition the LORD to sustain the workers and bless them with children who will grow up and become worshippers therein? Is it not ...


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