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The Fear Of The Lord

"For Thou, 0 God, ... hast given me the heritage of those that fear Thy name" (Psalm 61:5). In a recent issue of Needed Truth our attention was directed to some outstanding characteristics of the churches of God in Judaea, ...



Abraham is called the friend of God (James 2.23). His life is one of the most colourful lives presented to us in the Scriptures, and has been used by the Spirit of God to enrich the children of God as ...


The Universal Worship Of The Lord During The Millennium

To those who have followed with any measure of care the series articles on "Worship" during the past year, one fact emerges clearly and that is, that God desires a house primarily that therein His people may worship and serve ...


The Captivity And The Return Of The Remnant

The prophecy of Jeremiah covered the last years of God's people prior to their carrying away into captivity in Babylon. Last days, wherever found, whether they are the last days associated with Jeremiah's prophecy, or the last days of the ...


The Spirit's Work In The Days Of The Judges And The Kings Of Israel

One of the chief characteristics of the many anti-Christian movements which are SO prevalent today is the denial of the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ and the denial of the personality of the Holy Spirit. Like a tree, whose ...


The Mystery Of The Gentiles

(Mystery, in the Scriptures, denotes that which is only known through revelation to those taught by the Holy Spirit.) The rejection by Israel of their King-Messiah, of whom they had become the betrayers and murderers (Acts 7.52), resulted in Israel ...


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