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His Work In The End Times

The hope of the believer today is the return of his Lord and Saviour from heaven. Then the believer will be taken out of this world and transported to the realms above. This is where he belongs because he belongs ...


Notes On The Passover

The sacrifice of the Passover is not classed with the offerings of Leviticus, for it was neither a burnt-offering nor a sin-offering, nor was it burned on the altar. It was killed and roasted with fire in the homes of ...


The Millennial Temple

It is evident from the Scriptures that there will indeed be a temple in Jerusalem during the thousand years when the Lord Jesus Christ will exercise His rule and authority over this world. Such a passage as Isaiah 2:2-4, is ...


Sanctification Unto God

The Christian life does not consist merely of a list of rules, regulations and prohibitions, which, if kept, will qualify a person for the name of Christian. Such an outlook could be quite misleading and discouraging to earnest souls who ...


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