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His Goodness

The character of the God of heaven is many-splendoured; rich in glories beyond human expression; truly ineffable. Among the divine attributes, perhaps that which appeals most readily to the human spirit, as it reaches out to God, is God's goodness. ...


Jacob's Vision

It seems clear from the early chapters of the book of Genesis that communication between God and man in Eden was free, frequent and intimate. No doubt the fresh coolness of evening became a time of holy and joyful communion ...


The Creation Of Man

Creation is the opening word of God's self-revelation to man. Whether we think of the knowledge of God imparted in created things (Ram. 1:20) or of the unfolding of Himself in Holy Scripture, the divine initiative in calling the universe ...


David In Exile

A period of proving and preparation can usually be observed in the life of every worthy servant of God whose story adorns the page of Scripture. In some instances the experience is prolonged and arduous. So it was with David. ...


Evangelist, Pastor And Teacher

The range of spiritual gift which Paul received was extraordinarily full, if not unique. Unique certainly was his role in the fulfilment of the divine purpose "unto the building up of the Body of Christ". Yet the day by day ...



We turn now in this series of articles to some of the more specific sins and failures which threaten the spiritual life of the saint of God. In considering the matter of unbelief we shall endeavour to show a little ...


The Worship Of The Golden Calf

Less than three months separated Egypt and Sinai for the Israelites. Three eventful months they were, and a period which brought no credit to the people. Fresh from the deliverance of the passover night and the triumph of the Red ...


Our Lord's Perpetual Humanity

In His incarnation the Son of God became Man. Deity and humanity were both seen in reality and perfection in one Person for the first and only time in the history of the human race. In His humanity Christ was ...


The Cosmic Conflict

There has never been a period of this world's history which has failed to produce ample evidence of the persistent, and grimly effective, operation of Satanic powers in the affairs of men. Certain world events and developments, however, give the ...


The Lessons Of History

It is very clear from the New Testament that it was not within the divine purpose that the history of Christian witness generally should ever diverge from the pattern laid down in the New Testament concerning churches of God. It ...


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