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Matthew Calling

Many have enjoyed spending a long time in the company of Matthew. The spoken word of Jesus is clearly his concern. He has written a teaching gospeL How does he begin? What are the first two words of the New ...


Matthew Calling Again

Matthew wrote a teaching gospeL He is clearly concerned with the spoken words of the Lord Jesus. He is the only gospel writer to mention the church specifically, which he does three times. Here is his record of church truth ...


Matthew Calling Yet Again

Jesus met Matthew in Capernaum. The details are simply told in Matthew 9:9: Jesus passed by... He saw a man and said, "Follow me". Matthew rose up and followed Jesus. Being a tax collector he belonged to a despised and ...


The Quiet In The Land

Although the days of Herod were dark, yet from the early chapters of Luke we learn about a remnant people who were shining for God. These people were awaiting the coming of the Christ; they had no dreams of armies ...


Chairman James

The role of chairman is an important one where discussion is involved. Among other things he should exercise control, weigh up both sides, get to the point at issue and lead the meeting to a decision. An able chairman can ...


The Christian Home

Is it our aim to keep the standard of home-life worthy of the gospel of Christ? Let us then visit some delightful homes where we can meet brethren and sisters whose Christlike lives should inspire us. We Go First to ...


The Prisoner In The Lord

"Go, lictors: strip off their garments: let them be scourged". The official order was obeyed Paul and Silas were beaten with rods, then cast into the inner prison at Philippi. As far as we know this was Paul's first ...



In the early chapters of Acts two witnesses of our Lord stand out-the apostle Peter and Stephen. The witness of Peter was in the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 4.8), and was preceded by signs and wonders (see, for ...


Three Doors

There are three doors mentioned in the early chapters of the book of Revelation. At the time of John's exile to Patmos he would probably be the only surviving apostle. He must have felt anxious, for only seven churches remained ...


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