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Satanism Today

A fair title? The use of the word 'Satanism' might be thought deprecatory from the beginning, and rather like using the word 'Papist' in an article about Roman Catholics. Many of those who practise the things discussed in this article ...


Israel's Coming Confrontation With Messiah

The Background A future newspaper leading article might read: "GOOD NEWS FROM ISRAEL - It is a long time since we have been able to write a headline such as this. Since the establishment of the state of Israel there ...


The Christian And Music - Part Ii. Individual Aspects

What is the Question? The attitude of Christians to music, particularly instrumental music, has varied very widely. Some claim that music is 'spiritual' in itself, so that its enjoyment is an act of devotion; others have regarded all music as ...


Some Great Prayers Of The Old Testament

The purpose of prayer What makes a prayer 'great'? Certainly not its length. The purpose of prayer is communication with the Almighty, and perhaps the only satisfactory criterion of the effectiveness of a prayer is the degree to which that ...



His environment Ezekiel began his prophetic work at a time of spiritual and national disaster for God's people; More than 100 years before, in the reign of Hoshea, God had "removed Israel out of His sight" (2 Kin. 17:23) by ...


Deity And Personality

The nature of God Job was asked "Canst thou by searching find out God?"; the answer is, No. Men can make gods in their own image, gods which exist only in their own imaginations, but it is unreasonable to expect ...


The Conscience

The nature of conscience The word "conscience" occurs only in the New Testament, where the original word is syneidesis. The etymology of this word, as in the case of its Latin equivalent conscientia, suggests that its meaning is "knowledge with ...


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