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Without Murmurings And Disputings

The sad effects of murmurings and disputings are all too familiar in the world around us. They are seen at national and political levels, in industrial relations, in matrimonial affairs, in the home and in individual relationships. Fallen human nature ...


"Never Man So Spake"

The officers had been sent to arrest the Lord Jesus and now they had returned - without Him (John 7:45-52). Inevitably they were going to be asked why they had failed to bring Him. How were they going to explain ...


"He That Followeth Me"

To the child of God journeying through life, the world is a dark place and pitfalls and obstacles abound. If these are to be avoided, light is essential and the only true source of light is the Lord Jesus Christ ...


"Holy And Reverend Is His Name"

The absolute holiness of God is emphasized throughout the whole of the Scriptures. Sometimes it was necessary for the Lord to bring this home in a very particular way. Moses learned something of it when the Lord appeared to him ...


"Take Heed, And Be Quiet; Fear Not"

These words may not be quite so familiar to us as are some of the more often quoted passages of Scripture, but they are words spoken by the Lord through the prophet Isaiah to king Ahaz (Isa. 7:4). As do ...


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