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My Work Is ... (Psalm 45)

There is a man in Scripture who lost his life through jealousy and rebellion. If his sights had been raised to the devotional level of his later progeny, he would have been a happy, contented man of vision. Our contrast ...


Small Things

Christians, above all others, should be able to appreciate the great importance of small things, made and used so much by our Creator. It is interesting to notice in Scripture the element of smallness in many of the divine miracles. ...


Backsliders Are Restored

Christians can become discouraged and downright pessimistic over the p05sibility of wayward children of God being restored to a life of fruitful service. They forget the bright ray of hope which the Lord Jesus provides in telling of the father's ...


Shattered Lives

A large pane of glass intended for a window had fallen and shattered into thousands of splinters. One moment it was a thing of usefulness, and the next it was being swept up and dumped as useless. Human lives become ...


What Did Happen To The Shields?


"Lord, Dost Thou Not Care?"

It was the cry of a distraught woman unable to cope with the responsibilities of the home. It was a cry for help, for relief from the pressures and tensions at hand. It was an appeal coming from a conscientious, ...


How Did He Do It?

The final cry had ascended to heaven, and the Saviour bowed His sacred head and died. The end had come to a perfect, spotless, gracious life. The end, too, of man's despair, for when the Saviour said, "It is finished... ...



My friend was a wastrel. But what he was, and what he became, are two different things. He reminded me of God's description of certain men He called to further His work in the early days of the Testimony. "God ...



There is nothing new under the sun, and for thousands of years people have resorted to horoscopes to provide answers to the "riddle of life". Horoscopers were to be found in Egypt, Babylon, and Canaan, and they had their links ...


We Need Jehovah Too

Ropheka Not many things disrupt family life more than serious illness. It seems to cast a pall over everything. Rest and sleep become disrupted; routine gives way to disorganization; and nothing appears to be normal during the crisis. Does anything ...


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