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Tithing And Giving

Old Testament tithing The origin of the tithe is lost in antiquity. We can say with assurance however that the giving of the tenth to God is an ancient procedure. Abraham observed it in the rather special circumstances of Genesis ...


The Covenant Of Levi

This is one of the lesser known Bible covenants. The expression occurs in a most remarkable portion of Scripture, Malachi 2:4-8. The covenant was not made with Levi himself but with Aaron and his brethren, Levi's sons of the fourth ...


In Captivity And Restoration

By the rivers of Babylon the exiles sat down and they wept when they remembered Zion. They hung their harps on the willows and protested to their captors that their songs were for the beloved homeland only. And they vowed, ...


The Repairer Of The Breach

The "ifs" and the "thens" of Isaiah S8 make most instructive reading and the description of restored Israel as "the repairer of the breach" is altogether choice. It contemplates a regenerated people, delighting at last in the Lord and choosing ...


Hezekiah, Prayer And Chastening

Strange as it may seem, Hezekiah was the only king of Israel after the division of the monarchy who is on record as praying to the Lord, except for the brief repentant prayer of his wicked son Manasseh in Babylon. ...


The Implications Of "The Decrees"

We refer to Acts 16:4. The implication of the decrees was that no church of God is wholly autonomous, that is, self-governing; and that what affects one church may affect all others. Tile Greek word used for decree is dogma, ...


The Prophecy Of Caiaphas

The sickness of Lazarus was "for the glory of God" (John 11:4) in several ways. Not the least significant was the effect on the people of the sign of the Lord's deity in the resurrection of His friend. Certain of ...


Watchmen On Zion's Walls

Watchman is an Old Testament word. The New Testament spiritual equivalent, overseer, may be detected in Isaiah 56:9,10. It seems there were always watchmen on the walls of ancient cities. There are two most dramatic references to these in Isaiah ...


The Lord's Deity And Humanity (Part 1)

The letter to the Hebrews was evidently written to disciples in one or more of the early churches of God, disciples who had been brought up in the Jewish religion until the gospel reached and changed them. In the days ...


The Lord's Deity And Humanity (Part 2)

It was said in Israel that "when Ephraim spake there was trembling". So mighty was Ephraim that when it made a tribal pronouncement the other tribes trembled. But the speakings of Ephraim were basically of no consequence and vapourized as ...


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