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The Lord's Parables - Introduction

Much teaching in the Scriptures, both in the Old Testament and in the New is presented to us in figurative and symbolic forms. Eastern languages lend themselves readily to figurative forms of speech, so we find much use being made ...


A Man After God's Heart

David, king of Israel, has the unique distinction of being twice described as a man after God's heart. Samuel told king Saul that God had found such a man, and Paul also described him in similar terms in the historical ...


The Two Sauls

There are two Israelites in the mainstream record of Scripture who bear the name of Saul, one in the Old Testament and one in the New. Helpful lessons can be drawn from a consideration of the parallels and contrasts in ...


The Value Of Early Training (Part 2)

We live in a day when so many are growing up without even an elementary knowledge of the Bible. We must ensure that our own families and the young persons who come within our sphere of influence are instructed in ...


The Mushrooming Of The Cults

The Athenians in Paul's day were fascinated by the telling or hearing of "some new thing" (Acts 17:21). Men and women today seem to have a similar weakness for new things, a tendency reflected in the proliferation of new cults. ...


Going Forth Unto Him

Israel were redeemed in Egypt, baptized in the Red Sea, and separated to God to become His people in obedience to the covenant that God made with them at Sinai. The ordinances of divine service associated with that covenant are ...


In Relation To Individuals

There are several different Hebrew and Greek words that have been translated by the English word worship in our Bibles. Each conveys a different shade of meaning worthy of consideration in its context. The English word worship is itself an ...


In Relation To Israel In The Wilderness

There is not only an individual aspect to worship but also a collective one. when God called Abram out from Ur of the Chaldees it was an important milestone in His dealings with men (Gen. 12:1,2). There were far-reaching purposes ...


In Relation To Israel In The Land

God's rest for Israel in Canaan was to be associated with a particular place in that land, His resting place where He would cause His Name to dwell and the one centre for the collective service of His people. There ...


In Relation To The Spiritual House

A material house, animal sacrifices, and a priesthood vested in the family of Aaron were distinctive features of the divinely-ordered worship and service associated with the first covenant. That form of service was in operation while the Lord Jesus was ...


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