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Dec 1996 - Editorial

Editors are grateful for the help of contributors to this issue from far away places such as Ontario, British Columbia and Australia, as well as from the UK. This world-wide spread of our sources seems to have been; at least ...


Moses And Pharaoh

When Moses and Pharaoh first met, onlookers must have been impressed by the contrast between them: Moses, the meekest of men and Pharaoh, one of the worst tyrants the world has ever known. They were soon to realise however that ...


Who Is He?

In 1972 this magazine published a series of articles entitled, Departure from the Faith, in which were described early heresies, some of which find their counterpart in world-wide heretical cults of modern times. Many of these heresies arose from attempts ...


A Spiritual House - Its Building

"Will God in very deed dwell on the earth? behold, heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain Thee; how much less this house that I have builded!" So spake Solomon, with some degree of humility, at the dedication of ...


Studies In Genesis - Introduction

In a day when the reliability of the Scriptures is widely questioned it is salutary to examine the book of Genesis afresh. Accepted by faith, it provides a clear and authoritative account of creation, the origin of the human race, ...


Hold The Pattern Of Sound Words

Scripture does not directly tell us what befell Paul between his detention in Rome (Acts 28: 30,31) and the completion of his written ministry, marked by his second letter to Timothy. Tradition has it that he was released for a ...


Studies In Genesis - Conclusion

Concluding our studies in the book of Genesis we wish first of all to return to our introductory theme that, with the rest of Holy Writ, this ancient book was written for man's spiritual instruction, being divinely inspired, and that ...


A Man After God's Heart

Although the over-ruling hand of God was clearly seen in the appointment of Saul as king, he was in fact the choice of the people, who wanted a king to save them from the Ammonites (1 Sam. 12:12). Saul the ...


The Jerusalem Council

The vehemence of the apostle Paul's language in his letter to the Galatians indicates how deeply troubled he was about the attempts of some Christians to bring Gentile believers under Mosaic law. His intense pleading with those who were going ...


The Divine Services

When the construction of the tabernacle by skilled and devoted workmen had been completed, the priests began their service. They set the shewbread in order on the table of shewbread, they filled the lamps with oil and lighted them, they ...


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