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For The Colossians (1:9-12)

This lovely prayer was made by Paul and Timothy for the saints in the Church of God in Colossae, but the needs that it addresses are needs we would recognize in churches of God today. Before looking at the prayer ...


In The Mystery Of Christ

We know that in the affairs of this world the timing of the release of information is ail-important. Success or failure, fame or obscurity in politics, business, entertainment or research have often been critically dependent on timely publicity. Sometimes, however, ...


The Anguish Of The Crucified (Psalms 22 And 69)

These two Psalms are ascribed to David and this is confirmed in the case of Psalm 69 by Romans 11:9. They contain unmistakable references to the sufferings of Christ on the Cross, and direct quotations from both Psalms are found ...


The Kingdom Of God

This article is a restatement of many of the truths of the kingdom of God that have been expounded by contributors to this magazine during the last hundred years. Old Testament Times The first reference to a kingdom in the ...


The Place Of The Name

When Israel, the people of God, were about to enter the land of promise they were commanded to destroy all the places of worship used by the nations they were to dispossess. In Deuteronomy 12 we find the Lord's command ...


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