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Zecharias, Elizabeth And John

Introduction: Our indebtedness to the eye-witness accounts of those who were in the company of the Lord Jesus during His earthly days cannot be estimated. They either wrote directly themselves of what they saw and heard, or passed on the ...


In Christ's Resurrection And Exaltation

The resurrection, ascension and exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ is the essential sequel to His atoning death. His departure from earth and arrival and glorification in heaven present an enthralling study. In these events the three Persons of the ...


Habitation Of God In The Spirit

The one great airn of every New Testament letter is to reveal the amazing purpose of God in His Son, Jesus Christ and the working out of that purpose throu2h the Holy Spirit. Ea~iy on the page of divine record ...


A Three-fold Parable (Luke 15)

The Lord Jesus, greatest Teacher of all time with perfect understanding of earthly things as well as heavenly (John 3:12), conveys in simple terms and easily understandable literary style, profound spiritual truths in the trilogy of Luke 15. This Gospel ...


Praying Power

Prayer is an absolutely vital part of the believer's life, whether that person be newly saved or long experienced in service for Christ. When Ananias, an early disciple residing at Damascus, was instructed to visit a certain house where newly ...


The Sacrifice Of Isaac

The Bible is the Word of God and therefore the depository of divine truth. But it does more than simply state truth: it illustrates and expounds it, explains its underlying principles and shows its constancy from dispensation to dispensation and ...


Not Of The World

The Lord Jesus in the World The separation of the Lord Jesus was complete. This was achieved through His spiritual consecration to the Word of Truth - I sanctify Myself (John 17:17,19). He did not serve in any remote way. ...


The Father Himself Loveth You (John 16:16-33)

Apart from and before all created existence is the infinite and holy fellowship of the three Persons of the Godhead. Although one God, indivisible in essence, Father, Son and Spirit are distinguishable in personality and distinctive in functions within the ...


Resurrection: Keynote Of Christian Triumph

Prophecy of Scripture The truth of Christ's resurrection and future coming form a large and important part of scriptural revelation. Christ's resurrection is fundamental to the gospel, which is God's means of salvation, "by which also ye are saved" (1 ...


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