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David: Psalmist And Planner

David's great desire Can you imagine being described by the God of heaven as a person 'after My own heart'? But this is how God Himself described the young man David (Acts 13:22). What better commendation could we ...


The Dead Raised

A Miracle in Nain: Today in the little Arab village of Nain in Galilee (the Nain of Scripture) stands an old Christian shrine. Inside it is virtually empty - until you look up into the high vaulted ceiling and there, ...


Marriage Feast And Great Supper (Matthew 22:2-14; Luke 14:16-24)

Although parables were the means the Lord Jesus used to describe the kingdom of heaven so as to conceal its meaning from the Pharisees and other Jewish leaders (Mat. 13:11-13), they were in no doubt that He was speaking about ...


Jacob's Dream To Joseph's Death

Much space is devoted in Scripture to the details of the lives of Jacob and his son Joseph - the last twenty-six chapters of the book of Genesis. Since these things were written for our learning. What are we today ...


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