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May 1999 - Editorial

You will be impressed as you read this month's Needed Truth, of the importance of individuals in furthering the purposes of God in respect of His house on earth. Like the two olive trees of Zechariah's prophecy in chapter ...


Nov 1996 - Editorial

Focus this month centres upon ingenious human achievements in the art of communication in the world of cyberspace. But man's inventiveness comes at a price, both in money and in time. For some, the facility of instant communication is well ...


May 1995 - Editorial

'Don't criticize it until you've tried it', stated the dear believer to me. 'There is no substitute for experience'. However true the latter statement may be, religious experience not solidly based on the Word of God is suspect at best, ...


Nov 1995 - Editorial

'FOCUS' this month investigates one aspect of our godless age, the humanistic rejection of anything supernatural. Another feature of our day is that millions are searching for answers from the supernatural, looking for problem solutions and titillating previews of the ...


Jun 1994 - Editorial

This month's issue reminds us of the insidiousness of Satan's devices that are increasingly trying to blind the eyes and hearts of mankind to God's unchanging truth. Prayer and Bible reading are being removed from many North American schools, and ...


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