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Let Be

Are we describing a parent's rebuke to a restless child? No! We are quoting a line from a song of the sons of Korah which says, 'Be still, and know that I am God' (Ps. 46:10). For Korah's ...


'In The Light Of The Fire'

That was where Peter sat when he disowned the Lord. It is a startling discovery to make, when read in the Word, and it carries a warning of great solemnity: And when they had kindled a fire in the ...



That is our response to the courage of God's people during a time of adversity. There was little to encourage the desolate Israelites in Jerusalem where the city walls were in crumbling ruin, and the gates had been destroyed by ...


Places Of Prayer

When we read His Word, God directs us to some surprising places to witness the prayers of remarkable men. David had his cave, Daniel his upper room, Elijah his Carmel, Nehemiah his ornate palace. And what pleadings and beseechings from ...


Summit Meetings

Summit means the top, the highest point, the highest level, whether referring to a mountain or a meeting of world leaders. Because of conditions prevailing amongst the nations, summit meetings have become the order of the day. ...


Hear My Prayer

How easy it is for us as Christians to become systematic, automatic, and regular in our lives and service, without experiencing ecstasy or delight. Is that your experience? How different this is from the psalmist's experience. 'My soul longeth, yea, ...



It can be a source of spiritual help sometimes, to review the contrasting lives of Biblical characters, and to learn from them. It can also make one thankful for the positives in Christian living, and for being on the Lord's ...


His Songbirds

God has many of them. Their song is not limited to the open sky. The two in our story performed in a prison. It was a special night. Instead of ribaldry, groanings, complaints, cursings, which could be common to the ...



Lebanon was noted for its giant cedar trees which were majestic and beautiful in appearance. When these trees of great value were cut down, a pungent cedar fragrance filled the air: an odour that was clean, lingering, pleasant. Was this ...


What I Have ... I Give

Life had not been easy for her, and developing crises drove her away from the Lord, His people, and His things. Years later at her mother's grave she sought and was granted the Lord's forgiveness and restoration. She never looked ...


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