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Mar 1999 - Editorial

The current series of articles on New Testament Churches of God brings a fresh presentation of a vital theme of scriptural truth for our time. Since Needed Truth was first published over 100 years ago, this theme has been ...


Oct 1999 - Editorial

Perhaps very soon service in God's house will end when our Lord returns to the air for the Church, which is His Body. The service of many has ended in death as did the apostle Paul's who wrote, 'I ...


Feb 1996 - Editorial

Inextricably linked to the parcel of land which Jacob gave to his son Joseph (Gen. 33:19, 48:22; John 4:5) is the vision and promise of visitation. As he was dying, Joseph the Patriarch prophesied saying, 'God will surely visit you, ...


Aug 1996 - Editorial

Luke, by the Spirit, made the story of Stephen one of the most important records when writing the Acts. Sixty eight verses, including the longest chapter, vividly present his Sanhedrin trial. They, like their fathers, had challenged and resisted the ...


Feb 1995 - Editorial

The early formative years of a child are greatly influenced by family background. As the boy Joseph grew into manhood, many of his parents' characteristics were reflected in his behaviour. Our writer this month has filled in family events which ...


Aug 1995 - Editorial

The State of Israel is receiving increasing coverage in the press and media about its relationship to the Palestinians and Islamic fundamentalists. Focus examines Israel's dilemma in seeking peace with her neighbours. And the ensuing violence which is predicted in ...


Feb 1994 - Editorial

In addition to our Main Series article about the revelation of the Eternal God in the glory of the Law, we introduce this month a new series of Articles called, "The Lord Among the Lampstands". The first is entitled "The ...


Jul 1994 - Editorial

The counsels of Deity are awesome and profound. The only Living Triune God has decreed in His Word that every human being that sins must die. The same Almighty Being has also decreed that "since by man came death, by ...


Nov 1994 - Editorial

It is a source of wonder to regenerate minds and hearts that the eternal God has revealed both Himself and His purposes in the Scriptures. Centuries before the events occur, the pattern of endtime developments in Palestine was foretold, as ...


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