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Through Trial To Triumph


'Them That Honour Me,i Will Honour'

These words, spoken to Eli by an anonymous 'man of God' (1 Sam. 2:30), achieved great notoriety when quoted in the epic film about the Paris Olympics 'Chariots of Fire' - Eric Liddell, a born-again believer who subsequently spent his ...


Preparation For The Journey

When did the road to Calvary begin? In the great eternal purposes of Almighty God there must have been agreement about the plan of salvation and how it would be put into effect. Clearly the road to Calvary started before ...


The Final Stages Of The Journey

According to popular legend, unsubstantiated by Scripture, it was a humble donkey that carried the unborn baby Jesus from Galilee to Bethlehem. His choice of transport for His final journey into Jerusalem was also bumble: 'behold thy King cometh unto ...


The Final Steps

John tells us that Jesus 'went out bearing the Cross for Himself. In His incarnation He first emptied Himself, then humbled Himself; and ultimately He carried His own Cross. When Abraham and Isaac went off alone to climb Mount Moriah ...


Mary Of Magdala

The third Mary In this series of articles came from a small town in Galilee, Magdala. The Scriptures reveal very little of her background, remaining silent as to her age, marital status, parentage or occupation. But they speak volumes as ...


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