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Sep 1996 - Editorial

'FOCUS' this month will surely provoke two responses in our hearts; thankfulness for liberty of worship which so many of us enjoy (and so often take for granted) and resolve to remember more prayerfully fellow-Christians living under oppressive regimes.

Most of us have no experience of being hindered in our day-to-day enjoyment of our spiritual blessings, the scope of which we are reminded again by one of our contributors in his helpful study of Paul's prayer for the Ephesians. If there is any hindrance to our appreciation of these blessings it lies within our own hearts. We might well ask ourselves, are we enjoying Christ as much as we should be? Are we daily appropriating His love and joy and peace which He bequeathed to us? (John 15:9,11; 14:27). Are we living the abundant life He came to give us? (John 10:10).

Maybe we shall derive help in this matter from our serial article this month, for there is no doubt that Barnabas had learned the secret of living in fellowship with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ. His life and service bear eloquent testimony to that fact.

And lest we should forget, another contributor's meditation on The Road To Calvary reminds us that 'the riches of His grace' (Eph. 1:7) and 'the riches of His glory' (Eph. 3:16) all reach us because our blest Redeemer carried His Cross to Calvary and gave His life upon it.

Our prayer, dear reader, is that you may be enriched as you read and meditate in the pages of our magazine this month.