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May 1999 - Editorial

You will be impressed as you read this month's Needed Truth, of the importance of individuals in furthering the purposes of God in respect of His house on earth. Like the two olive trees of Zechariah's prophecy in chapter four of his book, individuals pour of their dedicated selves into a lampstand of witness, bringing glory to God and light to the darkness around. This magazine is dedicated to the encouragement of believers everywhere to do just that.

Letters received from the corners of the globe tell of the grace of God in using the magazine, in the words of one new believer: 'to help solidify my faith'. Linked with this monthly printing are the Search for Truth radio broadcasts heard in many countries on medium and short-wave radio, and bringing the same message of truth to millions of listeners.

Love for the truth of God and for God's house are exemplified in the life and writings of David, the sweet psalmist of Israel. This month Keith Dorricott takes a look, not only at David's regard for God's physical house, but how we might show similar love for His spiritual house today.

New Testament churches which make up that spiritual house are examined by George Prasher, as he identifies the character of the individuals who worked together in its expansion through the Church of God in Antioch. In this great city there were men and women who in their obedience to the Word of God were showing the grace of God in their lives, bringing affirmation to the work they were doing.

May's Focus centres on an episode in Britain which sheds light on the kind of difficulty that besets believers all over the globe, the rampant errors of widely believed falsehood. As we near the end of the age of grace, Satan seems to be increasing his efforts to destroy things which bring pleasure to God, by the proliferation of cults and cult-like teachings. Some of these dogmas even claim the Bible as their justification, which emphasizes the problems that can arise through not 'rightly dividing the word of truth'. The believer on the Lord Jesus is ever reminded to seek the Lord's guidance through the Spirit. It is He who shall guide us into all the truth. Many of us are physically handicapped, and long that the works of God should be manifest in us. Focus reminds us that physical debility here can be used to God's glory and our blessing.

In all, we commend Needed Truth to people who want to further the purposes of God. The articles are enjoyable and enlightening in their reading, and meditation on their content can greatly help 'to solidify our faith'.