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May 1992 - Editorial

Resurrection of the dead is one of the greatest truths of Scripture, dealt with by our principal writer. It is personified in the Lord Jesus, as also is godliness. He is the Resurrection and He is the Mystery of Godliness. What is harnessed together in the Lord should be seen joined in His disciples. Resurrection means new life and what the Son of God did when he raised men and women physically from the dead was a foreshadowing of the spiritual power exerted through faith in His work. People who are dead in trespasses and sins are made alive through believing that Christ died for them. That is only the beginning of godliness since it not only resided in Christ but was lived Out by Him.

Godliness is both a quality of life and a way of living, as seen in Psalm 119. It develops from being with Christ (Acts 3:12: 4:13). As Abraham took his character from his altar so we should take our character from Christ. Human politeness, niceness, and mannerliness are not necessarily evidences of godliness, but may sometimes be a veneer. Godliness produces tranquillity, quietness and contentment. For the disciple today, as in the past, the Word of God caters for godliness. Listening to and acting upon God's Word, which the Lord Jesus called "My Word", produces godliness. It is profitable for all things and holds promise for the present life and the future. The teaching about godliness and the godly person is found in Isaiah 66:2.

This month we comment in Focus on the Maastricht summit. This emerging European Union, based on the Treaty of Rome, seems to be moving towards the end-time kingdom out of which ten kings will arise, and finally the beast, the man. The Lord's words are still true, "Let him that readeth understand" (Mat. 24:15).