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The Faithfulness Of Moses

Moses was faithful in all God's house as a servant.1 Most commentators tell us that God's house in this instance was the nation of Israel. But is this so? The late Mr. Lennox said that it takes a great man to make a great mistake, and Moses made a great mistake that cost him dearly. Because he failed to sanctify the Lord in striking of the rock God did not permit him to enter the land of promise. As far as the nation of Israel was concerned it could not be said that Moses was absolutely faithful.

Now God never had two houses at the same time. We never read of "houses of God", always the house of God in the singular. It is clear that house of God in Moses' day was the tabernacle in the wilderness. In making this house Moses had been warned by God to ensure that everything was made according to the pattern shown to him when he was in the mount.2 In this charge Moses proved to be a faithful servant. Throughout the book of Exodus the making of the furniture for the tabernacle was done "as the Lord commanded Moses."3

When the work was completed and the tabernacle erected, the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle.4 The tabernacle is called "the temple of the LORD," and "the house of the LORD."6 Thus the faithfulness of Moses was seen in the building of the tabernacle. Israel as a nation was indeed closely associated with God's house, for the twelve tribes were given their places around the tabernacle according to the commandment of the Lord,7 and the Aaronic priesthood ministered in the tabernacle before the Lord on behalf of the nation.

We have to wait until New Testament times before a people are seen as God's. The reason for this is that the house is now a spiritual one and living stones (believers) must come to the Living Stone (Christ).9 But the Living Stone is the stone which was rejected by the builders10 involving the death, burial, resurrection and ascension of Christ after which we have people together as God's spiritual house.

God laid in the heavenly Zion that precious Corner Stone and men and women by their obedience to His word gave to Him the place that God has given Him there, and in so doing were built up a spiritual house."

This great objective is still within the reach of believers today, and on the same conditions as are laid down in the New Testament. If we further ask where the living stones in New Testament times are actually located the answer must surely be in Churches of God. A church of God is God's building;12 each building fitly framed together grows into a holy temple in the Lord.13

Should not such a conception of things thrill our hearts in a day of declension, and cause great searchings of heart as to where we are in relation to the Lord's claims upon us?


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