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Jan 1984 - Editorial

As another New Year dawns we try to discern the signs of the times. Political instability in many lands prompts the question, What does 1984 hold for the world? Politicians and businessmen, as well as ordinary folk, have their hopes and make their plans. But however powerful may be the forces at man's command the majestic divine purpose must have its fulfilment. This is a great comfort to the Christian.

Because of our ignorance of future events we say "God willing" as we announce our plans for Needed Truth in 1984. Readers will notice that we have introduced some limited changes in an effort to make the presentation of reading matter more attractive. We hope these are acceptable. But more important is the spiritual message, which is the sole reason for the existence of the magazine.

Our principal theme is the Coming of the Lord. For Christians living in dark days this is an uplifting subject, giving encouragement which is enhanced by a strong feeling of the imminence of Christ's return. This aspect is discussed in Focus and the stirring question is asked, "May Christ come to the air for His Church in 1984?" We look up and lift up our heads because our redemption draws near (see Luke 21:28).

Our other main study is "The Sermon on the Mount" a subject which has not previously been dealt with in these pages. We are looking forward to some fresh and helpful ministry on this unique discourse by the Lord about Christian behaviour.

We take this opportunity of thanking our contributors for the time and effort so willingly expended to make Needed Truth a profitable magazine, and we thank our good readers for their continued valuable support. We have been encouraged by many letters of appreciation.

We look back on 1983 with thankfulness, for in spite of human weakness we are impressed with a sense of the Lord's guidance. "Hitherto hath the Lord helped us". Our prayer for readers and writers alike in 1984 is that the Lord will "fulfil every need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus" (Phil. 4:19).