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Titus is one of the better known characters of the New Testament perhaps, for there's an epistle bearing his name. It was written to him by the apostle Paul and he describes Titus as his true child after a common faith. So evidently he'd had the privilege of leading him to Christ. As might be expected a strong bond existed between them, something like a father and son relationship. A younger man serving with an older. We very often find that in the Scriptures. It's an excellent arrangement. The older man is able to pass on the benefit of his experience, and he in turn benefits from the zeal and energy of youth.

Titus is presented as a man of deep feeling. Paul sent him to encourage the disciples in Corinth and it's obvious from what he wrote that Titus was affected by their state. Their sorrows became his sorrows and their joys his joys. It says he was comforted in them, and refreshed by them. Paul spoke about his inward affection being more abundantly toward them. That shows how much they were on his heart. Inward affection is one word in the Greek, and is sometimes translated compassion. You remember it is often said about the Lord Jesus, He was moved with compassion. Well, that's the same word. Titus in this respect had grown like his Master. He was a compassionate man.

Another word which is linked with Titus is earnestness. Twice in 2nd Corinthians chapter 8 Paul uses this word to describe him. "Thanks be to God" he says, "which putteth the same ear nest care for you into the heart of Titus". It's a lovely characteristic. It carries the thought of diligence and haste.

It says about Mary, when the angel had broken to her the news that she was to be the mother of the Lord Jesus, she went with haste to tell Elisabeth. Obviously her mind was filled with the news and all its implications. And she felt she must reach Elisabeth and share it with her, and get her counsel and help. So she went with haste. That's the same word, earnestness.

We're all encouraged to it in the service of the Lord. "In diligence (or earnestness) not slothful, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord". Two lovely characteristics, aren't they, in any Christian person compassion and earnestness. Both things of the heart. And notice it was God who put them in Titus' heart. Shall we not ask Him today to put them in our hearts, too?