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"The Heart."

Though I be clothed in purple,

And wear a kingly crown,

Or bear the priestly mitre,

And wear a priestly gown;

Or just be like a beggar

And share the outcast's part;

To God it does not matter,

For He looks on the heart.

As polished brass doth glisten

While gold is sometimes dim,

So king, and priest and beggar

Are all alike to Him;

He does not gaze on lineage,

Profession or on art

He sees beyond the dressing,

And looks upon the heart.

The sight of Jesse's firstborn

Made Samuel's heart rejoice;

But God was unaffected,

For David was His choice.

So while at mere externals

Man's highest praise may start;

God may stand by in silence,

For He looks on the heart.

0 child of God, take warning!

Let this speak loud to thee,

Seek thou not vain adorning

For worldly eyes to see,

But seek that hidden beauty

Truth in the inward part,

And God shall have the glory,

For He looks on the heart.