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David, whilst he had many men loved and true, had in Joab a more or less thorny problem. He was capable to a degree, an eminent soldier, who became David's captain through sheer ability. But, oh, his character! he was a hard man: "Too hard for me" was David's comment, when Joab slew Abner in the gate (2 Sam. 3:39).

Fellow-workers need to pay attention to the tender ties of fellowship and to be faithful yet considerate; both just and generous; willing rather to serve than be served; manly but not proud; weak to receive the help of others, yet strong to lift his fellow if he fall; always willing to work, yet happy in the work of others; seeing the excellences of others rather than his own; and above all having that affectionate regard for a fellowworker which is so comely and comforting. How sweet were the tender ties of fellowship and affection which bound Paul and Timothy together, and Luke, too, faithful Luke, the beloved physician! Together they wrought and fought, laboured and strove against great odds, and to surmount great difficulties, finding in one another comfort and encouragement.