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Abraham and Isaac

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God will Provide Himself a lamb<p>Picture descriptions:<p>Scene 1: Abraham hearing from God that he is to sacrifice his only son. <p>Scene 2: Early the next morning, Abraham saddles his donkey and prepares to set off to the land of Moriah with Isaac and two servants <p>Scene 3: On the third day, Abraham and Isaac leave the servants to climb the mount. Isaac is enquiring where the lamb for the burnt offering is, Abraham tells him that God will provide himself a lamb <p>Scene 4: After building an altar and placing wood on it, Abraham then binds Isaac and laid him on the altar <p>Scene 5: As Abraham lifts the knife to slay his son, he is instructed by the angel of the Lord to do Isaac no harm They see a ram caught by its horns in a bush that they can use for sacrifice instead<p>Lesson points:<p>In their old age, God had given Abraham and Sarah the son they had longed for - now it seemed that Abraham was to give him back. Surely this was the ultimate test of faith! It is important to clarify that God was not 'tempting' Abraham - James 1:13 tells us that God does not tempt anyone with evil - but He does "test", "try" or "prove" us. God had no intention at all of permitting the murder of Isaac - in fact God prohibited the practice of Gentiles who sacrificed their children - the whole point of this story was to try the faith of Abraham. (Spiritual application: There is much to learn from trials in our lives and God will continue to teach us in each circumstance we pass through). The journey to Moriah would take 3 days - plenty of time for Abraham to consider what he was doing - or maybe even to doubt or change his mind - but after a lifetime of dealings with God his faith was unshakable and Scripture says simply "Abraham believed God." He believed that Isaac would rise again and knew that obeying God came first, even over the love of his precious son. We are given a tremendous spiritual insight at Abraham's answer to Isaac's question, "God will provide Himself a lamb". On this occasion, God provided a ram instead - the true Lamb of God would come much later. The story here reflects the ultimate sacrifice that would happen at Calvary, where God would willingly give His only Son as a sacrifice for us. (Spiritual application: Unlike Isaac, God did not spare the life of His own Son. He had to die for the sins of the world).

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